Archive Month: November 2018

How to Introduce New Dogs to Old Ones

Just like when introducing two people to each other, first impression matters to dogs. How the dogs interact in their first encounter can make or break the future of the entire relationship. This is why it’s important to make things right in the 1st place. Follow these tips for a successful relationship.   Tips forRead More

How to Groom Pets at Home

You don’t really need a professional groomer to make your pet’s coat look healthy and shiny and free from infestation. Unless your pet entering a show or you prefer a professional cut, you can groom your pet easily at home using the right pet grooming supplies, patience, and a little bit of coaching. Proper petRead More

How To House Train Your Puppy

When house training your puppy, consistency, patience, And positive reinforcement is key. The main purpose of the training should be instilling good habits and building a bond with your pet (like you would when you play free girl games). House training normally takes about 6 months for a puppy to be fully trained. However, someRead More