How to Groom Pets at Home

How to Groom Pets at Home

You don’t really need a professional groomer to make your pet’s coat look healthy and shiny and free from infestation. Unless your pet entering a show or you prefer a professional cut, you can groom your pet easily at home using the right pet grooming supplies, patience, and a little bit of coaching.

Proper pet grooming helps control shedding and also helps your pet to stay comfortable. This also helps you spot certain problems before it’s too late. what’s more, you would have a great bonding experience as you do grooming and a regular basis with your pet.

Here are some dog grooming techniques and tips to transform your furry friend into a beauty.

Get your tools ready

If unsure, you can ask your veterinarian do you see which tools are required to properly groom your pet. Depending on the length, thickness, and type of coat your pet has, there are different combs and brushes that get the job done.

Practice gentle and regular brushing

Regular brushing alleviates dead hair and dirt. Based on the type of your pet’s coat, your vet can tell you how often his friend needs brushing.

Remember to be always gentle when brushing your pet’s hair. If there are the tangles, don’t pull them or cut them out as they could be very painful. What you can do instead is go to the nearest pet supply store and ask advice about brushes or combs that are specially designed to remove tangles or splits. Alternatively, you can ask your veterinarian or professional groomers to help you out.

Bathe your pet

You may not know it, but it is completely possible to give your cat or the bath without the claws Scratching your skin. Prepare all the supplies first including towels, shampoo, and other pet products.  Place your pet in the basin or tub with a little amount of lukewarm water. Use a right-sized cup to pour water over your pet. Keep in mind that you should use only pet shampoo. Human shampoo may contain harmful ingredients to your pet.

If your pet won’t let you do the bathing, Have more patience and avoid yelling or punishing your pet. Try starting with placing him in a dry tub with a few treats. Gradually wet your pet’s feet and then work your way up do a full bath.

Trim your pet’s nails

Pick a good timing for trimming your pet’s nails. Make sure that he’s relaxed And willing to start a pedicure. Be careful and avoid Cutting the quick. It’s the pink area where nerves and blood vessels are found. If he is experiencing pain, he may never let you trim his nails again. If unsure, you can always ask your vet for help.

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