How To House Train Your Puppy

How To House Train Your Puppy

When house training your puppy, consistency, patience, And positive reinforcement is key. The main purpose of the training should be instilling good habits and building a bond with your pet (like you would when you play free girl games). House training normally takes about 6 months for a puppy to be fully trained. However, some puppies can master the training for up to 1 year. This is because some breeds may have smaller bladders and faster metabolisms than others.

When trying to house train puppy, a lot of factors can affect how are your puppy learns. Some of these are your puppies previous living conditions and old habits. This is why you need to be more patient and understand that while there are setbacks, you can successfully train your fur buddy as you progress with the training.

When to begin house training

Professional dog trainers recommend starting the puppy potty training as soon as your puppy reaches 12 to 16 weeks old. This is the perfect time when your dog is able to control his bladder and bowel movement. However, for puppies order then 12 weeks, house training may take a little bit longer especially when they are used to eliminating inside the cage.

House train puppy quickly in 6 easy steps

Begin by confining the puppy in a defined space. This is space can be a room, crate or on a leash. Usher puppy learns going outside to do his business, you can eventually give him more freedom to explore the house.

Following are the steps for house training:

  1. Maintain a regular feeding schedule and avoid giving food between meals.
  2. Always take the puppy out to eliminate in the morning and then once every 30 minutes to one hour. Don’t forget to take him outside after every meal or nap.
  3. Use the same spot every time he does his business. They sent that he leaves on the area will urge him to go.
  4. Accompany your puppy it’s time he goes outside to do business. You can let him by himself as soon as he is fully house trained.
  5. When he eliminates outside, shower him with braces or give him a treat. You could also welcome around the neighborhood as a reward.
  6. House training can also involve mishaps. When this happens, make sure to clean up accidents with an enzymatic cleanser To minimize odors that might attract your puppy to the same spot.
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