How to Introduce New Dogs to Old Ones

How to Introduce New Dogs to Old Ones

Just like when introducing two people to each other, first impression matters to dogs. How the dogs interact in their first encounter can make or break the future of the entire relationship. This is why it’s important to make things right in the 1st place. Follow these tips for a successful relationship.

Tips for introducing a new dog to the family


Start slowly and carefully

If you introduce new dog to old dog drastically, it’ll most likely lead to heartbreak. Sometimes, it can even lead to injuries. So don’t immediately throw them together in the backyard. Start to slowly by subtly Showing the new puppy do your dogs at home.

Let the dogs meet on the leash

Dogs are territorial by nature. This is why you need to use a wise approach when introducing a new pet. While on the leash, take the dogs for a walk together, maintaining at least 10 feet of distance between them. This is to avoid them getting in contact or a great thing each other along the way. This will also acclimate them each other’s presence without causing any trouble.

Do the meeting at home

Start with the yard and then gradually have them meet inside the house. Do this by taking the resident dog outside. The next step is taking the new dog inside the house so he can familiarize himself. Let them interact shortly and when tension arises, Separate them and try again afterward.

Separate the dogs when you’re away

Have a separate crate or room for each dog the moment to leave the house. This is to prevent possible tension or other types of dog misbehavior while you’re away.

Strive to prevent conflict

Dogs can’t settle disputes with each other. However, they shouldn’t be getting in the way of interaction with each other. While dogs acquire roles such as dominant and submissive when living together, you can use the rewarding system and reward the more polite dog to manage the environment and conflicts between your pets.

Do these techniques when you introduce new dog to home and surely, your dogs will get along just fine and probably be best of friends in just a few days.

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